Originally located in Asia, India covers an area of ​​2,973,193 sq km and 314,070 sq km, making it the
seventh largest country in the world with a population of 3,287,263 sq km. In addition to Bhutan, Nepal
and Bangladesh to the northeast, China faces the northwest, Pakistan's northeast coast, along the
northeast coast of Sri Lanka.

India is a place with ancient foundations. Social, budgetary and Indian systems are central to the long-
term process of reform. The history of India begins with the manifestation of the Singh Valley and what
happened to the Aryans. Both of these systems are generally referred to as the pre-Vedic and Vedic
years. Hinduism is older than the Vedic period.
The fifth century saw the unity of India under Ashoka, which was converted to Buddhism and it was
during his reign that Buddhism spread to various parts of Asia. In the eighth century, Islam came to India
with the intention that by the eleventh century it had established itself as a political power.
These Europeans came to India in the 17th century. This compares the separation of the Mughal Empire
into the favor of neighboring states. In a test for poor quality, English is called 'Victor'. The revolt of
1857-58, which sought to restore the highest status of the Indians, was implemented; While Victoria
continued to be the Princess of India, Indian integration was done in the department. The Indian
struggle for space, which we received in 1947.

By the end of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the European Union was in the process of
attacking merchants and invading India. By the end of the eighteenth century, the British had
overthrown others and established themselves as a superpower in India. Britain has looked after India
for almost two centuries and acknowledged the major changes in the social, political and financial
situation of the country.
It was not envisaged in perfect condition, it was conceived in India in 1858, ruled by the British colonies.
He went, however, thinking of the time spent when the British appeared as a pilot in the mid-1600s.
Taking advantage of partition in India after the Mughal rule, the British used the 'open spaces and
government' move to care for India for more than two centuries. When the British first arrived, they
died in 1757 AD after the plague war. Were working in power.

Indians are certified holders of British standards and have been terminated without any responsibility
for their profession. With this, there are different conflicts going on all the time; And obviously the non-
functioning political parties are far away. Think of different ways of thinking that there are different
ways to approach; One by one, they all have one thing in common – an opportunity.

In any case, true science, how can you ignore the best investigator in any lifetime! This is the story of
Jagadish Chandra Bose, the greatest scientist of all time. Really, I would put it on top, not simply me
numerous different researchers trust it as well. Be that as it may, a significant number of us don't think
about Jagdish Chandra Bose.
He was educated in the Bengali language of civil languages ​​and it was his father's decision. He wanted
his son to fill out his first language. He was raised in a home that focused on Indian culture without any
law. He was sent to England as a specialist. In any case, it's gone! Because he couldn't eat at this point,
even though he put him in science. He returned to India and was lecturer in Computer Science at
Presidency University, Kolkata, now Kolkata. He gets only a few hundred rupees a month. Only 33% of
British educated people have the same qualifications in this poll. Of course, despite these pictures, his
canvases changed the world.

In 1895, Sir J.C. Bose divided the sound of electric water into Wi-Fi, separating fifteen miles. This was
two years before Marconi made the radio. Marconi works with Buffer to make radio complaints a reality
show. Marconi hastened to increase the use of radio, though JC. The boss does not want to justify his
disclosures. Not just the radio, JCC Boss produced five waves of air, 60 Hz before the organisms
repeatedly evolved. One millimeter of JC Boss meets the new 5G foundation. In any case, he can't stop
Sir JC Bose from everything.
On May 10, 1901, he showed that the plants are the only ones who are accepted, tried, and viewed in
the same warmth, peace, warmth, chaos and tranquility. Look! It showed that the trees planted around
the silent tracks are much faster and more valuable than the special tracks. It shows that the plants are
like insects. Often when a tree has a weak base, the tree screams like any other creature. She was the
one who announced that it was possible. Of late, the German scientist claimed that the plants were in
conversation, repeating what JC Bose had said many years ago. It has developed a number of
applications for use in microwave technology. He is a great Indian science writer. It was far ahead of its
time that it was suspected. She did all the small work in one small house, only 24 square feet in size. This
is the reason why he lived in the Indian subcontinent during his reign. This is often denied access to the
entire lab.
In any case, he accepted that genuine lab is in the brain, where behind figments we reveal the laws of
truth. These are the specific words expressed by the extraordinary researcher J C Bose in his

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